What Payroll Software Companies Are Integrated With E-COMP?

Below is a list of HCM and Payroll Software Platforms with which E-COMP is integrated with.  Providers that have yet to be added to this list cannot automate the sending of payroll data to E-COMP, unless you are able to send payroll data to our payroll processing system using the required file format.  E-COMP can support all payroll software platforms whose customers can set up and send the proper file format and who can report payroll within the required time frame.   

Supported Providers for E-COMP

E-COMP supports a secure transmission of payroll data for the following payroll software companies:

  • Accountants World

  • Agile

  • Apex

  • Cyberpay (Formally Adaptasoft)

  • Execupay

  • Evolution

  • Heartland Payroll Solutions

  • iSolved

  • Kronos

  • M-Pay (Payentry)

  • Paylocity

  • Payroll Vault

  • Polaris

  • Sage

  • Thomson Reuters

  • Payroll Vault

  • Polaris Software

Supported Providers for Payroll Reporting

In addition to the providers listed above, E-COMP can accept payroll data via our custom payroll reporting format for the following payroll software providers:

  • Gusto

  • Intuit

  • Paycom

  • Rippling

Unsupported Software

E-COMP can accept payroll information in our required file format from Quickbooks, ADP, Paychex and other unsupported payroll software programs. Please contact us at 888.493.2667 for more information.


Updated: April 2020 for Payroll Software Administrators.

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