Workers' Compensation Program for the Payroll Industry

E-COMP designs and implements better ways to leverage technology that best serves our partners and customers. Through a payroll partner driven strategy, E-COMP is a leader in providing the pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation solution to policyholders throughout the country.  E-COMP integrates a company’s workers’ compensation premium payments directly with their payroll providing an integrated workers compensation insurance solution.  E-COMP’s channel partners are able to offer their customers the ability to eliminate the annual down payment and pay their premiums based on actual payroll instead of estimates.  E-COMP leverages their unique technology to receive a company’s actual payroll data to calculate premiums, which improves accuracy and minimizes the financial exposure to a workers’ compensation audit.

E-COMP’s insurance professionals take care of the shopping for its partners and its customers, by working with over 20 pay-go workers compensation companies to shop the national insurance marketplace, negotiate rates and offer superior terms.  From Main Street to Industrial Avenue, E-COMP gets coverage placed for risks including tough exposures like cannabis, construction, bars, roofers and environmental exposures.  E-COMP is widely recognized for its service excellence, superior integrity, and for removing the pain of securing workers’ compensation by providing a superior and seamless solution.  E-COMP serves more than 300 partner relationships throughout the country.


Step one, we listen.

Step two, we ask insightful questions to uncover important information.

Step three, we get to work, plan and prepare. We’ll formally present you with a variety of solutions that solve the problems and concerns that we heard. We’ll go through our Menu of Services, making recommendations with the appropriate technology, products and services that best suit your needs.

After you’ve become an E-COMP Client, you’ll be treated like the VIP that you are.

We’ll customize the levels of technology that are right for you.

We’ll deliver the right coverages and terms at the right price.

You’ll meet your service team, so you know exactly who to contact.

We’ll curate your safety and compliance program, just for you.

We’ll provide in person, mid-year Stewardships, to make certain that we’re up-to-date with any changes and that you’re getting all of the services that you want.

If needed, our claims management team will manage your worker’s compensation claims, and report on each claim, with the goal of closing your claims prior to the publication of your Experience Modification.

You’ll have access to all of your policy information, 24/7, if that’s what you want.

We’ll be sure to keep you on top of the important changes in the laws.

We’ll be there to issue same-day certificates, make any adjustments, or answer any question, whenever you need them.

Bottom line, we’ll keep our promises, every step of the way.

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